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Rusty is a fine artist born in London (1995) and currently living and working in South East London, England. She initially studied at the University of Westminster then at Chelsea College of Art practicing Textile Design from which she graduated with a First in 2018.


Having grown up around interesting objects and paintings and a grandfather who was a Royal College trained painter, Rusty found herself constantly referencing Fine Artists in her Textiles which developed into exploring the practice organically. Rusty’s textile background informs her textured, expressive painting style which explores the female gaze through gestural, decorative nudes and portraits.


Her subject matter is mostly concerned with female representation and examines how women are perceived in imagery. Art history has predominantly featured women from the male point of view, and she feels, that for women of her generation, it is important to ‘own’ how women are presented and viewed. Her work captures the lives of strong female leads, clothed and unclothed, daring and unapologetic.

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